Larry Braun – Photographer

We found Larry while searching for great photos of Hawn State Park. Larry’s photos stood out for the way they captured the of the area. As we explored Larry’s larger body of work and background, it quickly became obvious we wanted him to be a contributor to our site and work.

Mystical Perceptions of the Ordinary

That really sums up Larry’s skill. He is able to capture and highlight the beauty of life that surrounds but that we sometimes have trouble seeing. His photos are true works of art that I never tire of seeing. Larry has won numerous awards for his photography, had his work featured in many exhibits, and has been featured in a variety of publications. We are honored and thrilled to have Larry join us as our second contributor.

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David O’Leary – Website Developer, Lead Writer, Photographer

David has been enjoying outdoor adventures his whole life. He developed a love of the outdoors camping, canoeing, paddling, skiing, and biking with his family as a child. He then went on to spend many summers leading trips with teenagers from simple 3-day trips to extended expeditions.

While he spends much of his life as a software developer, he has worked professionally leading outdoor trips, working in outdoor experiential education, leading team development experiences, and many other experiences with organizations like the American Youth Foundation, Outward Bound, and the YMCA.


Mark Schuver – Photographer and Writer

See Mark’s Photographs on Flickr | Follow Mark on Facebook

We first discovered Mark’s photos while doing some research for an upcoming trip to Two Rivers Wildlife Sanctuary. We were immediately impressed by the consistently amazing quality of Mark’s photos from Two Rivers so decided to look at his broader portfolio. In doing so, quickly discovered that Mark took amazing photos from all over Missouri and Illinois with many photographs of places we are planning on featuring on our site. Within hours, we tracked Mark down online and asked him if he’d be willing to be a contributor to the site. He said, Yes and went on to say, “You may not believe this, but for many years now I have thought about creating the same type of website featuring locations within a 3 to 4 hour drive of St. Louis. I always thought I might actually do it once I retire, but I’m even happier that you’ve taken up the cause.”

We are truly excited to add Mark as our first contributor. His photos will help immensely in making the site more beautiful and artful.