Banked turns, drops, skinnies, jumps, rock gardens, practice zones, slalom course, ... This place has so much to offer mountain bikers looking to have a great time and build their skills.


  • A whole lot of fun and challenge built into a fairly small area, perhaps a bit bigger than a football field.
  • A variety of fun elements for a range of skill levels (though I wouldn’t recommend it for people that aren’t confident with biking basics).
  • West Coast is a blast with a nice steady descent with bank turns and jumps with options for all skill levels.
  • My boys and I were able to build our skills and confidence on the 3 different-sized drops in the “Foothills” area.
  • Some very impressive stone work in spots to address drainage and overuse issues.


  • There are some drainage and overuse issues that make this place slow to dry out after a rain. When we were there, it had been 3 days since the last rain and there were lots of muddy spots still.
  • The “Hub Access” trail (for getting to the top) is stunningly dull. It is a hard, fairly steep and tiring climb with nothing fun to offer. Just a direct route to the top. Climbing shouldn’t just be an arduous process. My boys and I generally got to the top by taking “Colossus” from the East side of the park which provided a much more fun and interesting way to the top.
  • The rock gardens here tend to consist of smallish, loose rocks, that aren’t nearly as much fun as what you’ll see on most trails in the area.
  • There’s a lot of climbing involved for fairly short downhills that don’t last very long.
  • East coast and the slalom tracks were quite rough and rutted when we were there which made them less fun than they could have been.

Getting There

Off 109 just a bit South of 44. Google will get you there easily.



This is yet another awesome place that make me jealous of kids today. We didn’t have anything like this back when I was a kid. It’s got so many thrilling features you can do…