A fun and challenging 4.3 mile single-track intermediate mountain bike trail with lots of technical rock gardens strewn among a hard pack dirt trail in Greensfelder County Park tucked in behind Six Flags St. Louis.


  • Great place to develop your skills as a mountain biker.
  • If you want to feel like you are in the mountains, this particular section of Greensfelder County Park felt more mountainous to me that most sections of Missouri
  • For all the steep hills/mountains in this area, the trail itself isn’t particularly hilly. My app only shows about 650 feet of climb on the route.
  • Very scenic loop drive to get to/from the trailhead.
  • Also a great trail for hiking and horses


  • This won’t have any really long climbs or downhills if that is what you are wanting. Might want to try Chubb for that.
  • The numerous and frequent rock gardens will mess with the flow for lesser mountain bikers (I speak from experience). I had to walk quite a few of the more technical bits.

Getting There

Take 44 to the Six Flags St. Louis exit (Exit 261) and heads North towards Six Flags but stay left onto Allenton road. Take Allenton road to Scenic Loop road and turn right.



While GORC rates this as an Intermediate (Blue) trail, I found it to be more technical than I expected. The trail consists mostly of hard pack dirt, but strewn throughout are lots of challenging rock gardens. Many of which require some precise lines, good skills, and great balance (or just a lot of momentum, nerves of steel, and a forgiving bike). There are also some gravel sections mixed in. Perhaps it was just that I caught this in a nice stage of Fall colors but I found this particular section of Greensfelder to be one of the prettiest areas in Missouri I’ve seen yet. The “mountains” here seemed particularly mountain-y, less the forested-hills that are common in the area and much more of steep vertical rise and fall. The trail, however, is well routed so it’s not particularly heavy on climbing or downhill. A nice balance with nothing too steep.

My 14 year-old loved the blues (intermediate) at Cliff Cave but was not a big fan of rock gardens here. I definitely found this more challenging than the blue track at Cliff Cave but I like both. I think you do have to enjoy a technical challenge to enjoy this trail on a MTB. Definitely not ideal for beginners unless they are content to walk most of the rock gardens.

This is also a great hiking trail. I’m looking forward to showing it to my wife in the next couple weeks.