A hidden gem off a sparsely travelled but beautiful section of the Meramac River. This spring is 3 miles down river from Meramec Caverns.


  • An absolutely beautiful, pure, crystal clear, spring that doesn’t get many visitors due to it’s out of the way location.


  • In order to reach this, we did a rather hefty 18-mile paddle from Sand Ford Access to Red Horse Access. There aren’t any other public access points within that section.
  • I’m not aware of any canoe/kayak/rafting outfitters that service this section.

Getting There

This spring is about 3 miles downstream from Sand Ford Access. To access it, we put in at Sand Ford and Paddled 19.6 miles to to Red Horse access. It is on the left hand side of a river shortly after a cave.



We discovered Roaring Spring during our quest to paddle the entire length of the Meramec River in small chunks over a few years. It is one of many gems we’ve happened upon along the way of exploring this wonderful river.