Part hiking, part golf, part frisbee, part social. Disc golf provides a fun way to explore parks throughout St. Louis. Great for families with older kids.


  • Lots of great free courses all around St. Louis
  • Very easy to get into – just need to buy a $10 disc for each person
  • A chill but social activity that kids and adults enjoy
  • A range of courses for different skill levels
  • A great winter sport. You can play comfortably in most weather conditions (except heavy rain).


  • Some courses can get muddy
  • Need to bring your own discs


  • DG Course Review – A great site for finding nearby course that includes course length, reviews, and pics.
  • UDisc – Popular disc golf site with map of local courses and lots of ratings and reviews. They also offer a phone App that I haven’t tried yet.
  • St. Louis Disc Golf Club – Local club for disc golfers


This page will not provide comprehensive coverage of Disc Golf options in St. Louis but I will try to provide a quick overview of some of the best options. I definitely feel like Disc Golf belongs here as an Outdoor Adventure as it shares a lot in common with hiking but adds fun, skill, and social aspects. For more comprehensive coverage, definitely check out and

The St. Louis area is blessed with lots of wonderful, free, disc-golf courses. Disc golf is a fabulous way to spend a couple hours with friends and family. You can generally bring along your dog, have larger groups, adjust the simple rules as desired, and everyone we’ve met on the courses is very casual and friendly. No reservations needed or any hassle involved.

These are currently ordered from my personal most favorite to least favorite that we’ve played. More content coming as we explore further.

A map of St. Louis area courses

Unger Park in Fenton

Holes: 18 | Length: 5174 | Par 56 | DGCourseReview link

A very pretty, fairly short, beginner-friendly, 18-hole course with a large lake and a nice wetlands section. A nice mix of tighter wooded holes and longer open field holes. I particularly like the wetlands section in the back nine.

Hudson Park in Ferguson

Holes: 18 | Length: 4434 ft. | Par 56 | DGCourseReview link

An excellent, beautiful, well-maintained, hilly, fairly short, beginner-friendly 18-hole course in a section of Ferguson that I had never been to before. It offers a nice mix of wooded holes and fairly tight holes in the woods with quite a few hills in the mix. Looking forward to playing it again.

Watson Trail in Sunset Hills

Holes: 9 | Length: 2317ft | Par 27 | DGCourseReview link

Watson Trail is a beginner-friendly, mostly wooded, 9-hole course with some hills. If the kids get bored, there’s a fun playground to break things up.

Endicott Park

Holes 18 | Length: 4947 ft. – 6410 ft. | Par: 57 | DGCourseReview Link

Really nice mix of holes between tight wooded ones that require accuracy and open holes that require distance. Lots of elevation changes with some challenging uphill holes. My crew struggled getting anywhere near par with this one but enjoyed it quite a bit. The pins may be in any of 3 places for each hole. I suppose that keeps it fresh for regulars but was a bit confusing for us. And the pin placement of the day could vary the distance by 200 yards a hole (not to mention obstacles) without changing par which seemed strange. We liked the course a lot but wouldn’t call it our favorite at first play.

Willmore Park in South City

Holes: 18 | Length: 6065 – 7200ft. | Par: 56 | DGCourseReview Link

A long, mostly open (not heavily wooded) 18 hole course. Some of the holes have multiple baskets to allow you to adjust the length to your preference but it was still a lot longer than most the other courses my beginner family has tried and none of us got anywhere near par as a result.